Nicole Bowden

Four Little Monkeys

Proud of my daycare children (age 3) creating and leading their own game today! The goal of teaching […]

Job Posting-Daycare Assistant

Daycare Assistant About the Daycare: Hello World Daycare is a licensed In Home Multi-age centre for up to […]

Multi-Age Daycare Victoria

Why Choose an In-Home Multi-Age Daycare?

Multi-age daycare refers to centre-based programs where a variety of children of different ages are placed together in […]

Looking Forward to Another Great Summer!

Summer is on it’s way! Here’s a little slideshow from last year’s summer to get us in the […]

12 Ways to Ease Daycare Transitions

Dealing with daycare transitions can be overwhelming for both parents and young children. Here are some tips to […]

7 Signs Your Child Needs to Skip a Daycare Day

Nobody likes getting sick. It’s a new and difficult experience for children, and the can often be very […]