First and foremost, Hello World is about providing a happy and safe environment for kids. We play games, we sing, we dance, we explore the outdoors, we read books, and all the other fun things that kids love to do. Children are not treated as if they are in school, but having a Master’s major in curriculum design, I also like to add some early childhood educational elements to our days.

A Global Theme

world-apartHaving grown up in China, I have sense of how big and diverse the world is. When I was a kid, Canada seemed so far away that it may as well had been on another planet. I’m sure Canadian kids probably felt the same way about China back then. But today we are so much more connected, and world is so much smaller, while at the same time there is so much more of it to explore and discover! That’s why, when I first had the idea to start a daycare, I wanted to give it a global theme. I hope that by giving daycare-aged children even just a little bit of additional exposure to things like language and cultural diversity, they will absorb those concepts into minds early and be better prepared for the “global village” that they are a part of today.

We especially enjoy having families with diverse cultural backgrounds, and like to promote the home culture of our all our children’s families and friends.

Activities & Routines

I beleive that daycare-aged children don’t need to be forced into rigid classroom-like schedules. Instead, the curriculum needs to adapt to their enviroment and daily process of discovery, while also providing some repetition and queues durring the day to help them understand and form routines.

Every month we have an overall world regional theme. We pick one story and song per week from that region which we practice daily. We also theme many of our days around holidays and events that are taking place around the world.

We like to start the day off with a short circle time, which includes our story and song of the week, so that the children can get into the Hello World mindset. Then, on a daily basis we stimulate ourselves with coganative, phyical, social, and emotional learning. We also include elements of global education throughout the day, and some exposure to Mandrin Chinese and other languages.


Great TED talk on language learning in children

At Hello World Daycare we speak mainly in English. However, I beleive that exposing children to other languages at an early age is one of the greatest things you can do for their development. There is a window between about the ages of 1-7 where children’s language accusition skills are at their peek. While it may not be realistic in all cases to teach a child a second or even third language, allowing them to hear the sounds and patterns of another language can give them an advantage as they grow older. This advantage is not only related to language, but has been shown to give children increased performance in pattern recognition, memory, and other areas of learning.

Since Mandarin Chinese is my mother tongue, I use it occasionally throughout the day and always try to have one 10-20 minute game or activity that is conducted in Mandarin. Our assistant teacher Maribel speaks Spanish. We also have Spanish circle time once a week. Meanwhile, we  encourage parents who speak non-English languages to use that language at home and invite them to promote their language and culture  in our daycare any time!

Facilities Environment

My location
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We live in a quiet and safe neighbourhood on a low-traffic dead-end street. We have a fully fenced back yard full of toys, and we take full advantage of all the beautiful and fun parks and Recreation Centres in our area. These include Oswald Park, Oaklands park, Clawthrope Park, Hillside Park, and Cedar Hill Golf Course Trail.

Our indoor space is on the first floor of our home (not a basement), and is bright and full of sun. We also have a main sleeping room with a number of cribs and toddler beds for children over two. The entire first floor of our home is child safe and approved by VIHA.

We also participate in organized playgroups, kindergym, and extra activities at Oaklands Community Centre and Cedar Hill Recreation Centre. Occasionally we arrange out-trips to the library and the beach.

Hours of Operation

Hello World Daycare opens at 8:00am and pickup time is at 5:00pm on business days. Early drop-offs may be possible. We are closed on stat holidays.


Full Time (5 days per week)

Full time rates apply to children who normally attend daycare on business days.

0-30 months $875 per month (per child)
Over 30 months $800 per month (per child)

Part Time (1-4 days)

Part time rates are calculated based on the number of booked days, paid monthly.

0-30 months $48 per day (per child)
Over 30 months $45 per day (per child)


For more details about Hello World Daycare rates, please contact us.