7 Signs Your Child Needs to Skip a Daycare Day

7 Signs Your Child Needs to Skip a Daycare Day

Nobody likes getting sick. It’s a new and difficult experience for children, and the can often be very difficult for parents as it usually means staying home from work. However, sickness can spread very quickly at daycare.┬áPublic Health advises that children may need to stay home if they have the symptoms as below:


A child is vomiting two or more times in 24 hours.


She or he has 3 or more watery stools in 24 hours.


Temperature of 100(F) or more, taken under the arm) AND sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache or just not feeling good.

Sore throat

She or he has a sore throat with fever or swollen glands.

Rash, Lice or Nits

She or he has a body rash, especially with a fever or itching, lice or nits.

Eye Infection

She or he has thick mucus or pus draining from the eye.

Just not feeling very good

Unusually she or he feels tired, pale, lack of appetite, confused or cranky.

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